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HarleyCam - Spokane, Washington
Dave Mann Art Gallery
Biker Maze Puzzle
Papa's Place - Home of 1947 Knucklehead
Greydog Biker Art Gallery
Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
Sturgis Main Street Web Cam
Harley Insurance Guide
Motorcycle Rider's Foundation
A.B.A.T.E. of Washington
American Motorcycle Association
A.B.A.T.E. of California
National Law Chart
Russ Brown - Motorcycle Lawyer
Injured Bikers
Jesse James - West Coast Choppers
Ron Simms
Chrome Specialties - JammerClub
Custom Chrome
Flathead Power

Chariots of Light
Suds & Butterfly
Walneck's Cycle Trader
Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Index
Love Ride
B.A.C.A. - Bikers Against Child Abuse
Big Red Machine - New York
HAMC - Oakland  
Sonny Barger
Kinsmen MC
Bandidos MC
Boozefighters MC
Sons of Silence MC
Mongols MC
Iron Horsemen MC  
Outsider MC
Outlaws MC
Loners MC  
Ghost Mtn. Riders MC
Rebels MC

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Motorcycle Link Sites From Harley Dave
Harley-Davidson Biker Haven Motorcycle Directory Classic Jackets
Arlen Ness Enterprises Gainesville FL. Harley Davidson CyborgCycles  
S&S Cyles Custom Chrome Corbin Seats The Porkster
Tour King Half Covers Leather Connection Harley's Northern Most Outpost Motorcycle online
Harley Trader Online Daytona DILLIGAF   Cajuns home page
H&M Harley-Davidson Catalog California Custom Cycles   J&P Cycles
  Ronnie Cramer's
Motorcycle Web Index
  CT Bikers Guide Alabama Bikers Guide Foxhill farm leather
Used Harleys For Sale Photo Classifieds Biggest biker site in America   Harley Davidson Parts

Vintage Motorcycles Sites From Harley Dave
Vintage parts for Harleys Antique parts for Harleys Flathead Power George's Worldwide Antique Cycle Trader
Panhead & WL site Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum 45 Restoration Staz's Nevada Indian Motorcycles

          1903 Harley-Davidson(R) Motorcycle Diorama                                          1944 Harley-Davidson U Navy Military Motorcycle                                The 1942 Harley-Davidson(R) WLA Military Motorcycle


More links to great sites From Harley Dave
Favorite Harley Rides My Motorcycle Alaska Motorcycle Tours Onsitedeals Leather products The Sporster Home Page Iron works mag online
H-D m/c custom parts Creative Cycle Products jrc gloves
BABEonHD's Harley Page Henry's Daytona Bike Week Report  
Fox Creek Leather Biker Match Making Tauer Machine Primary Covers Hogs4sale
Harley Lamps by Shade-N-Shovel Custom built wooden Harley collectables Sunglass Replicas Sportbike Shop
V Twin Garage Hog Heaven Express Billiards
Dixie Biker Magazine Biker Leather Motocycle Paintings Biker
 Designer Replica Sunglasses Surdyke Harley-Davidson Dumbassbiker Legacy Motors Auto Art
LA Wheels Direct- Wheels & tires Usedhogparts
Road warrior Harley fun page Jh Huffman Cycle Supply Lighting kits American Motorcycle Trading

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Large Motorcycle Display With Flag      Motorcycle Display With American Flag


Wild Bill's Links

Alaska Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
Midnight Sun Rider: This is my magazine folks! Please visit the site, and read the featured articles, but even more importantly, buy a subscription! That way you can have me delivered to your mail box every three months!
HOG of Alaska
Women On Wheels Laughing Ravens Chapter
Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle Club Alaska
GWRRA Alaska Chapter
Last Frontier MCC
Northern Riders BMW Club
Law Dogs Motorcycle Club Alaska
Bikers of America
Southern Cruisers Alaska Chapter
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Alaska
Alaska Motorcycle Dealers Association
Alaska Star Riders
The Anchorage Racing Lions

Accessories and Apparel:
J.C.Products Goggles, and other useful stuff.
Biker Garb: For Harley lovers and others!
Lazy Rider Cycle Bags: "For the most comfortable ride of your life" Look's like a good product to me.
Mustang Seats: Lookin' for a new butt rest for 'yer putt? Check these guy's out.
Coker Vintage Cycle Tires: If ya need tires for that Vintage bike, these guys are the ones to go to.

Biker Art:  Link Pages:   Rights:
Wire Art: Check out Jonathans beautiful Motorcycle art! He features work made completely by his own hand!
Rat's Hole Chopper Show: That's right! He has a page. And what a page it is! Loaded with some of the most beautifully customized bikes on the planet!

JWK Biker: Good links. Got some good pic's too!
Bikers For First Amendment Rights - BFFAR: Holly Hill (Daytona Beach) Florida
"Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers" The premise of the web site is that auto driver "ignorance" of motorcycle safety issues including auto driver "ignorance" of motorcycle accident avoidance strategies is the root cause of most of the dangers we face as bikers - hence the name of the site, "Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers" NEW!
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
American Motorcyclist Association
National Coalition of motorcyclists
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Bikers Rights Online
National Motorist Association: This is a wonderful organization supporting your rights to be on the road. They can help you with legal assistance, and have other resources.

Women On Wheels: Serving women motorcycle enthusiasts around the world! This is a great organization.
Discussion Groups and News:
Harley E-Mail Digest: Support site for e-mail discussion group.
Motorcycle Crossroad's: This is an online discussion forum. This is the Virtual Bar and Grill. A great place to discuss, read about, and study Harley's.
Virtual V-Twin: The U.K. website for Harleys and Indians!
Born to Ride: This is a great site out of Florida man! I love this place. Good lookin' logo too! These guy's are bikers!

HOG Chapters:
HOG of Zuruk: Reisen, rallies, technic, portraits, tips und trends! Your going to love this site

Help for Bikers:
Riding Motorcycles on Insulin: A forum for Motorcycle Riders who also happen to have Type I Diabetes
Pathfinders M/C Club: Got a substance abuse problem? Don't stop ridin', stop abusin'! Check these guy's out.NEW URL!

Home Pages:
Skip and Cindys Harley Fun Page. Yup, they are havin' fun! Nice site, great links and pics of some fun rides!
Sportster Pride: Buzz Kanter would love this page! It's loaded with stuff about that little dynamo; the Sportster!
Mountainman's Page: Now here's a man after my own heart. He's a great Biker Poet, and lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, British Columbia! His poetry is great!
Murphy's Law: Man if you ain't been there, ya don't know what yer missin'. 'Ol 4sp. is a bro that hang's around at the Virtual Biker. He's got it all, babes, bikes, art, and free speech!
Jack's Page: This site is loaded with great pic's, jokes, stories, and articals. One of the better biker pages on the net!
FAVORITE HARLEY RIDES: This is Grumpy's place. When ya stop in tell 'em I sent ya.

Indiam Motorcycle Co.: Looks like they are really back this time! NEW!
Harley Davidson Motor Co.: Yep!! That's right, they got there own. And it's a good one too!
American Eagle: That's right! There are other motorcycles made here in the U.S.A.!
Big Dog Motorcycles: Another fine bike builder!
Ural America: Ural motorcycles are gettin' pretty popular in Alaska due to there sidecars and durability.

Midnight Sun Rider: This is my magazine folks! Please visit the site, and read the featured articles, but even more importantly, buy a subscription! That way you can have me delivered to your mail box every three months!
BikeNet: "The most popular online motorcycle magazine on the net"...according to them. They may be too. Very good "zine". They cover a lot of stuff and are international in scope.
THE HORSE!: Join Hammer and the rest, The Horse is back!
Motorcycle City: This is a great lookin' "zine" for all us motorheads. Lot of wonderful features, stories, info, and links.
Motorcycle Online: Just the biggest Online Motorcycle mag on the net!!
Bandits Bikernet: Some of the bro's from Easyriders (but not the mag!)
EASYRIDERS ONLINE: Harley, Hot Rod, Tattoo and Biker Babe photos, videos and games.
Cycle News On Line: Lot's of bikes! Not many Harleys, but a good online mag.
Canadian Biker Online: A great mag in or out of Canada from those guys to the east of me eh.
Iron Works: The "Thinking Man's" Harley magazine.

Parts, Services and Dealers:
Cyril Huze: Check out some awsome award winning work, and all the accessories to customize your own bike. NEW!
The Bikeyard: This looks like a great shop in Toronto. They sell everything including a large selection of used parts! They also pedal a "Bikers Handbook" loaded with useful info. Check these guys out!
Ron Harvey's Classic Motorcycles: Ron carries my book. He has a great shop in Palmer Alaska specializing in Vintage motorcycles, but also does repairs and service on newer models as well. You can even rent a bike there.
Ray's Place: Chicago custom Harley repairs, they do it all, including parts finding.
A.J.Enterprises: These guy's sell tires, but that ain't all. A great tech page on bike tires, and answer alot of questions.
Thunder Alley: These folks carry a huge line of bike parts. Well done page too!
Staz's Nevada Indian: They carry American Eagle  Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The rent, buy, sell, consign & trade 'em!
Barnett Harley Davidson: These guys claim to be the biggest. Lots of bikes for sale.
KB Performace Pistons: Yea...these guys make pistons.
Lehman Trikes: You've seen these guys work before and thought it was somethin' from a factory. Best retro-fit Trikes I've seen.

Rallys and Racing:
Sturgis Rally and Races: The official page! They have all the info you will need. Vendor information, to accommodations.
Buffalo Chip Campground: That's right, they got one too! Man it's a good lookin' site too. Check it out!
The Laughlin River Run: Homepage, everything you need to know, schedules, accomidations...everything! Real good race links.

Wild Bill's Travel Page: Yea...I got a whole lot of stuff on this one! A distance planner, and links to weather, maps, campgrounds and touring outfits!
Coastline Tours: Visit beautifull Vancouver British Columbia.
Ray's Place: Chicago custom Harley repairs, they do it all, including parts finding.

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Legends of Nascar    Fireball  (Forget the phone Robots!)

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